Personal Training


One on one personal training that is programmed by science and delivered with passion. Our trainers will deliver a personalized training program that fits your fitness level, lifestyle, and budget. We offer training in general fitness, sports performance, weight loss, and nutrition coaching goals.


Personal Training Programming


We will create a 3 day a week training program for the individual who wants a progressively periodized training program to assist them in their desired results on their own.


Olympic Weightlifting Coaching


One on one Olympic weightlifting coaching and programming for someone who is either a experienced lifter or someone who is new to Olympic lifting that wants to improve on their lifts and take their lifting to another level under the watchful eye of an USAW Level 2 coach.


Olympic Weightlifting Programming


We will create a 4 week, 8 week, or 12 week Olympic weightlifting program based on your experience and fitness level.


Manassas Barbell Club


Manassas Barbell Club is a team of dedicated weightlifters looking to improve on their Clean & Jerk and Snatch lifts in a community atmosphere. Whether you are trying to compete on the national level or just interested in learning the sport of weightlifting, we welcome you. Our mission is improve our technical skills through training and competition.


Group Training


Coach led group training classes that meet 3 times weekly.  Community driven, high energy, fun workouts for all fitness levels.